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This is the perfect set to help make an awesome Black Widow costume

It is 2 parts of a 3 part Full Black Widow Set, which also includes her gauntlets.

(but this one also looks great on its own)

With this set you get:

1) 1 pieces of 1-5 metres high quality (3.2mm) Electroluminescent Wire.

This runs up the body, round behind the neck and then back down to the waist

2) 2 pieces of 50cm EL iIre for each of the arms

3) 2 panels of EL Wire for each knee

4) Trigger Driver so you can switch from 'glow mode' to 'incognito' using a switch in your sleeve

5) A 2-way Mini Splitter leading to a Speciality SLL (Short Long, Long) 3 Way Splitter to power the three EL Wires all over the body of the costume and a Long 2-way Splitter to power the knee panels.

6) 30 x Clear Hoops to make it easy to attach the EL Wire to the costume and also make it removable so you can put it through the washing machine


To make it easier to design your outfit, below are the dimensions of the inverters and lengths of connecting wires - there is also tips on how to create your costume


The Power Pack takes 2 X AA batteries and is needed to make the EL Wire glow

The power pack/inverter is 8.5cm X 5cm X 2cm

It has an On/Off plunger switch that can run down the arm of the costume and be used to discreetly turn the glowing wire on and off

There is an 8cm wire coming out of it that leads to the...


The 3 way Splitter has one short 10cm channel which is supposed to go to the 1.5m EL Wire and the two longer channels are 70cm and designed to reach up to the arms to light the 50cm EL Wires

The mini 2 way splitter is 20cm long


Theses are 50cm long


As explained above, the 1.5m EL Wire creates a great bodyline by starting at the waist, runs up the body and round the neck then returns to the waist


These make it easy to attach the EL WIre to a costume by sewing them on and then threading the EL Wire through the hoops. This also makes it easier to to remove the el wire to wash the clothing

It is also possible to sew the EL WIre directly onto the costume

The whole kit is ready to use - just plug and play!