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This set is to help you recreate a glowing gauntlet glove from the Avengers Black Widow character

It is ideally attached to motorbike gloves

This Gauntlet Set consists of:

1) 2 x Aqua (Tron Blue) EL Tapes 1cm x 20cm divided into four sections

These are to attach round the wrist

2) 2 x 10cm 1.3mm Aqua (Tron Blue) EL Wires

These run up the back of the hand to form the 'Black Widow's Bite'

3) Mini EL Driver

This Driver takes a single AAA Battery and measures just 5cm x 3cm x 1.5cm

it can easily be hidden inside a motorbike glove

4) 4-way mini Splitter

This is the splitter you need to join all the wires and tape together into one Driver

5) 40cm of Velcro to help attach the EL Tape to the glove

It doesn't have to be attached this way, but it is fairly easy and our recommended way


This set is 'Plug and Play' , you just need to attach it to your gloves