525 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

This it NOT a plug and play!

You get:

1) Two pieces of replica shaped EL Tape for the front of a Sam Flynn Costume - a Left and a Right

2) A single 1cm X 15cm EL Tape for the glowing mid line

3) A 14cm EL Identity Disc for the back of the costume

4) Two pieces of 2cm X40cm Curved EL Tape for the back of a Tron Costume - It is curved to go round the ID Disc and over the shoulder

5) Two Pieces of 1cm X15cm EL Tape for the top of the arms of the Tron costume

6) A Powerful 8 XAA battery inverter

You also need to buy: (to have a set, just plug and play)

1) 3 X 3-way splitters, a 2-way splitter and a 1metre long extender to make it a simple 'plug and play' but also with plenty of room for the wire to stretch around the costume

2) 1.5metres of Velcro - with sticky hoop and sewable loop

Dimensions of the products:
If you are making a costume it is a good idea to plan it out properly.
Takes 8 X AA batteries (not supplied) and is 6.5cm X 6cm X 3cm
it has a 65cm thin power wire coming out of it that leads to the...

INVERTER to buy (not included)
The inverter is 6cm X 4cm X 4cm
It has the controls on it - Off, Flashing or On
It has a 55cm wire coming out of it that leads to the...

SPLITTER to buy (not included)
The Splitter is 40cm long in total,
it is 20cm of wire which then splits into 3 separate strands which are all 20cm long - 2 of them then lead to...
Left and Right Flynn Replica EL Tapes
The EL Tape is 30 cm from top to tail with the stick and hoop that comes in near the shoulder adding another 8cm
The tape is just 350 microns thick - that is 1/3rd of a millimeter!
Sticky back velcro is supplied that is the exact width of the EL Tape - be careful putting it on as that glue is VERY sticky
You must sew the other part of the velcro onto the costume making it very convenient to attach and remove
Of course you dont need to use the velcro and fix it any way you choose
Sam Flynn has a small line of light that runs down the middle of his chest. This is lit by the 1cm X15cm EL Tape provided. This tape can be easily cut to shape if you prefer it smaller
EL Identity Disc
This Large El Hoop is 14cm in diameter, there are two thin EL Tapes running in concentric circles and the inner diameter is just over 9cm across
2cm X 40cm Curved Outline
The EL Tape is curved so is 37 cm from top to tail - it has been designed to go on the back round the ID disc and curve over the shoulder
EL Tape for the Arms
2pcs of 1cm X15cm EL Tape, one for each arm

SPLITTERS to buy (not included)
This is how we recommend using the splitters
A 2-way splitter coming straight from the Inverter - this divides the front and the back:
The First channel goes to a 3-way splitter
to power the front of the costume - The left and right Flynn Tape plus the mid-line
The Second channel
can be fitted with the extender wire and this will allow it to reach to the back of the costume
A 3-way splitter attaches to this:
1 channel does the 1cm X 15cm left arm
2nd channel does the left 2cm X 40cm curved outline
the 3rd channel has another 3 way splitter on it
1st channel attaches to the ID Disc
2nd Channel has the Right 2cm X 40cm curved outline
3rd channel does the 1cm X 15cm right arm
Depending on where you have the inverter, you may or may not need the extender wire