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SEAL Prime provides an all in one solution to sealing your projects ready to paint. It can be directly applied to Foam

Colour Options: Matt Grey, Matt Black & Matt White

- Produces a smooth layer that is fully flexible and doesn't crack

- Acts like a primer which helps spot imperfection

- Helps hold shape to the foam by producing a semi-rigid shell after numerous coats

- Helps prevent paint cracking

- Dries in 10/20 minutes!

SEAL is an easy to use product due to being a simple spray, follow the steps for a perfect finish:

- Shake can well before use

- First spray: press and hold nozzle upside down to remove the initial 'gunk'

- First layer, apply thinly onto surface

- Second layer, apply a slightly thicker coat to cover any parts you missed

- If you apply more coats, it will help the surface become more durable to damage and help achieve a smoother surface.

Use in a ventilated area. For best results, do not use in direct sunlight.

Not compatible with Polystyrene.

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