EL Iron Man Body Set

290 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
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EL Iron Man Body Set = EL Panel Arc Reactor + Hand Repulsors

'plug and play' EL Panels, splitters and driver to help you build a glowing Iron Man Costume

With this kit you get:
1) 2 pieces of 3cm Diameter EL Panel for the Hand Repulsors
2) Plus a 10cm diameter round (or triangle shaped) white EL Panel for the Arc Reactor
3) Also a 2XAA battery driver/inverter with switch to power the panels
4) And specialist 3 way splitter and 2 x 1.2m extenders to get power to the round panels down on the hands

The suggested setup is:
The Driver/Inverter is held on the body near the chest
A Three-way-splitter comes out and one channel goes off to the round panel acting as the Arc Reactor near the chest
The other two channels are longer and these have 1.2m extender wires attached to them to run down each arm to take power to the EL Panels for the Hand Repulsor