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Ready to build some props and weapons? Let's get started!

By ordering this book you'll get detailed guides and tutorials for the following topics:

– Basic Materials

– Preparation & Tools

– Scaling

– Creating Weapon Patterns

– Separating Weapons for Transportion

– Shaping Foam

– Covering Foam with Worbla

– Detail Work

As well as the following work examples:

– Heartseeker Ashe's Bow (League of Legends)

– Norn Zweihänder Sword (Guild Wars 2)

– Infinity Spear (Lineage II)

– Gorehowl Axe (World of Warcraft)

– Malthael's Scythes (Diablo III – RoS)

– Crusader's Flail (Diablo III – RoS)

– Gladiator's Greatstaff (World of Warcraft)

Book information: 48 pages, high quality full color print, soft cover, English version