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Det äldre lagret av HexFlex produkter med redan 50% avdraget.
Orginal pris 250g:172kr och 500g:332kr.

Hexflex is a water-based, fully flexible, brush on paint.
It is Latex free, won't crack & cures with no tack.
Available in a range of colours & clear. Clear can be tinted with water based acrylics.

"What is great with HexFlex is that you can repair the creases in the foam by using a heat gun. When we tried this, we found similarly that the foam pieces that had HexFlex mixed into the acrylics or only had HexFLex smoothened themselves much better. The Acrylics + clear coat HexFlex mix could repair itself poorly.

Our conclusion is that HexFlex either used on its own or mixed with acrylics is a super useful product for when you want to paint flexible pieces or just want to be able to repair eventual trauma-damage on your creations!"
-Mitternachti cosplay & Rakemake (L)

See their video here or go to our Tips and info section

Hexflex Clear is a water-based, fully clear, flexible, durable brush on primer, sealer and top coat. It is Latex free, won't crack & cures with no tack.
Clear can be tinted with water based acrylics to help other paint brands become crack resistant and extremely flexible.

User Guide
Hexflex is simple to use! You can apply straight to foam surfaces  (you may want to heat seal first), but you can also apply to almost any surface including polystryrene, wood & fabrics.
-Hexflex Clear can be mixed with other acrylic paints to gain a specific colour/effect.
-Hexflex Colours can be mixed together to acheive the desired colour.
-Hexflex is supplied thick & it is advised the thin with water as required, to the desired viscosity. Can be thinned enough be put through an airgun.
-Apply in thin coats
-Allow  3hrs between coats* (At room temperature - can be improved considerably)
-Allow 12hrs for full cure of final coat* (At room termperature)
Finish : Satin-Matt
*Please note: drying times can be considerably improved (20-30mins) with a gentle hot air source (heat gun or hair drier ect). Drying times are estimates and may be quicker or slower depending on local conditions.

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