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"Flexi Paint™ has been designed for costumes and props. It is non toxic and has no harsh fumes or over powering smells.

Flexi Paint™ is:

Non toxic.

Latex free

Doesn't crack

Strong bonding

Highly flexible


No mixing of parts

Flexi Paint ™ is extremely versatile it:

Can be wet sanded to a smooth finish!

Is water based and can be thinned with water.

Acrylics can be added to perfect which shade you need.

Can be applied using a brush or sprayed on with an air brush/cup gun.

When dry Flexi Paint™ provides a finished flexible, durable, rubber surface.

Tests have shown Flexi Paint™ bonds to:

EVA Foam


Upholstery foam



Polyurethane soft foam


Tip! Flocking can be mixed into the Flesh Flexi Paint™ for translucent skin effects, as done by The Forgotten Imp here.

Important Information:

Flexi Paint™ is water based so brushes and sponges can be washed clean with warm soapy water.

If you get Flexi Paint™ on your skin just use warm soapy water and baby oil or a baby wipe to wash away.

To remove Flexi paint™ from a surface soak in hot water for an hour or 2, depending on the thickness, then try to peel the Flexi Paint away. If this does not work soak the item in baby oil, again for 1 to 2 hours depending on how thick the layer is, so the baby oil penetrates under the Flexi Paint™ and try to peel it away. Don't forget to clear up the baby oil afterwards as much as possible before recoating the piece.

Flexi Paint™ will dry and will have a tack to the surface.

The tacky surface is because of the high bonding qualities of Flexi Paint™, this means: NO PRIMER IS NEEDED. Flexi Paint™ is its own primer and will bond to a wide variety of surfaces without peeling away or cracking.

The tack also makes Flexi Paint™ very durable and tough because of that extra bonding power; it grips acrylics, powders and glitters securely to its surface.

Silicone oil or silicone spray removes the tack completely and keeps your project clean and dust free..

...You clean your workspace... you clean your tools..

Wouldn’t you want to keep your project you worked so hard on clean, dirt, dust free and protected?


All that is needed is a quick spray over and buff off any excess with a soft cloth. That's it! Tack gone! Project sealed, protected and ready for use."

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