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HexArt is the flexible aerosol

Available in gloss, matt and metallics, HexArt provides a smooth, flexible and tough paint coating for flexible surfaces such as foams and plastics, along with acting as a general paint for harder surfaces as well.


1- Be sure that surfaces are primed! HexArt works at it's best when a surface has a flexible primer, such as SEAL Prime.

2- Shake can for at least one minute before use.

3- Clear nozzle by spraying can upside down, this will reduce nozzle clogging.

4- Spray in VERY light cross coats at a distance of 20cm from surface. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes between coats.

5- For best pigmentation performance, shake can between coats.

6- When masking, remove the tape before product is fully dry.

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