ÄLDRE Valour Clear Coat 400ml Aerosol

181 SEK

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Valour clear coat developed by Poly-Props LTD.

-Valour produces a flexible and strong top coat

-Water and impact resistant

-Repair cracked and creased paint

-Ideal for flexible services such as foam, plastics and fabrics.

Available in a Satin-gloss or Matt finish

>Provides long term protection against common paint types.

>Provides high flexibility protection against easy to crack paints (enamel and car paints) for 6-12 hours.

>Drying time: 10-20 minutes.


- Ensure the surface is free of dirt and dust.

- First spray, hold upside down and spray to remove any gunk in the valve.

- Apply in very light coats. Over applied coats may cause clouding, pitting and peeling.

Valour  provides additional flexibility and impact resistance to many paint  types. Please note that Valour has not been tested on all paint types so  cannot guarantee consistent results.

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